Researcher Program

For a more intensive research experience,  work one-on-one with your mentor to develop a research paper using secondary research, and tap into our expert editing support.

Included in your Researcher Program

The Researcher Program will challenge you to complete a full research project using secondary data. 

You'll formulate a question, choose methods, find sources, test your hypothesis, and analyze evidence, all with the support of your CRI mentor.

Your mentor will assess your final paper. 

Duration: 16-25 weeks

Research Foundations

6 hours

You'll learn about research basics and research methods via an online learning module with lectures and assignments


Lecture Module

5 hours

You'll meet your mentor one-on-one to explore and learn more about the topic of your research interest



Research Module

15 hours

You'll finalize your research paper/project topic and meet with your mentor one-on-one to complete your project


Writing and Publication Support Module

You'll have two rounds of formatting and editing support, plus unique access to a publishing guidebook and a webinar

Learn Valuable Life-Long Skills

The analytical, writing, and critical thinking skills that you develop through Crimson Research Institute will give you a fantastic head start for your life at college and beyond

Mentorship from Leading Minds

Our mentors—top PhD and faculty researchers at great U.S. and UK universities—are at the cutting edge of their fields. These leading minds will guide you through the program

Stand Out in College Applications

Admissions Officers at top colleges and universities will see evidence of your intellectual curiosity, academic talents and ability to engage with college-level research 

How To Apply

Register your interest (optional)

If you would like to understand more about CRI's services get in touch with us for a free consultation

Complete the application form

The application takes about 30 minutes to complete. You will need to upload a CV and school transcript, if available

Interview with a CRI administrator

You will meet with one of our CRI advisors to discuss your application further, and decide which program is right for you

Program acceptance + mentor allocation

Once accepted to the program, we will look through our portfolio of mentors to decide who is right for you