A college-level research program for intellectually curious high school students

67 Crimson Research Institute mentors
CRI mentors at 38 top universities
Over 300 CRI students accepted onto the program since 2019 
$1,000,000+ Crimson scholarship given this year
168 acceptances to Oxbridge and US Top 10 universities in 2021

Created by Rhodes Scholar, Oxford PhD, and Harvard grad Jamie Beaton, CRI is an elite, online academic research program for innovative and driven high school students.

With guidance from PhD mentors and university faculty in the US and UK, CRI students choose a topic they’re interested in and complete an undergraduate-level research project.

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You will learn...


An introduction to academic research, where you’ll learn research foundations, research methods, and work one-on-one with your mentor to create a Literature Review or a Book Review in an academic field of your interest. 



For a more intensive research experience,  work one-on-one with your mentor to develop a research paper using secondary research, and tap into our expert editing support.



For the most advanced research experience, you will work with your  mentor to complete a research paper featuring original data, and receive personalized publication strategy support.

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Program Outline

Why Join Crimson Research Institute

Learn Valuable Life-Long Skills

The analytical, writing, and critical thinking skills that you develop through Crimson Research Institute will give you a fantastic head start for your life at college and beyond

Mentorship from Leading Minds

Our mentors—top PhD and faculty researchers at great U.S. and UK universities—are at the cutting edge of their fields. These leading minds will guide you through the program

Stand Out in College Applications

Admissions Officers at top colleges and universities will see evidence of your intellectual curiosity, academic talents and ability to engage with college-level research 

Our Approach


Our mentors will work with you to enhance your unique ideas and refine them into high quality research material. With their support, and your consistent engagement, you'll be able to confidently produce college-level work


We believe that engaging with a topic you are passionate about is the key to producing the highest quality project. We'll help you turn your passion into real-world contributions to your chosen field and build your academic expertise


Being able to commit to and execute a college-level research project is a skill that will put you head and shoulders above your peers. Our Crimson mentors will keep you on track and motivated and support you all the way to the finished product. 


Application Process

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