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Crimson Research Institute

A college-level research program for intellectually curious high school students


Crimson Research Institute mentors


CRI students supported since 2019


Top U.S. and UK unis our mentors have taught at


Acceptances to Oxbridge and US Top 10 universities in 2021

What is Crimson Research Institute?

Created by Rhodes Scholar, Oxford PhD, and Harvard grad Jamie Beaton, CRI is an elite, online academic research program for innovative and driven high school students.

With guidance from PhD mentors and university faculty in the US and UK, CRI students choose a topic they’re interested in and complete an undergraduate-level research project.

Meet 1:1 with your mentor to complete your Book Review, Literature review, or full research paper

Receive formatting and editing support, and advice on submitting your research paper for publication

How does Crimson Research Institute work?


Individually with your mentor, explore and discuss the topic of your research interest


Take our 6 hour online course to familiarise yourself with the research basics and methods


Why Join Crimson Research Institute

Learn Valuable Life-Long Skills

The analytical, writing, and critical thinking skills that you develop through Crimson Research Institute will give you a fantastic head start for your life at college and beyond

Mentorship from Leading Minds

Our mentors—top PhD and faculty researchers at great U.S. and UK universities—are at the cutting edge of their fields. These leading minds will guide you through the program

Stand Out in College Applications

Admissions Officers at top colleges and universities will see evidence of your intellectual curiosity, academic talents and ability to engage with college-level research 



Our mentors will work with you to enhance your unique ideas and refine them into high quality research material. With their support, and your consistent engagement, you'll be able to confidently produce college-level work

Hear From our Students

Harrow School, UK

"Working under a professor gave me more freedom and independence in decision making and where I wanted to take the project. The expertise also meant that I could always have ideas reviewed and concepts clarified, something that helped remove restrictions imposed by the limits of my own understanding."

Good Hope School, HK

"I’ve always wanted to have a taste of what research is like, and CRI gave me the perfect opportunity to do so. Research is also a great chance for me to learn more about a specific topic of interest, which is why I’ve decided to produce a research project."

Auckland Grammar, NZ

"Many of the universities I have applied to, their coursework contains a research project and I think this experience is going to help me adapt a lot better to the university environment than some of my peers who haven't done research before. It's something your school won't be able to provide you with."

Student Projects

We are proud of our students' mentor-guided projects that cover a variety of topics across Humanities, Social Sciences, and STEM

Applications of Australian Native Aquatic Plants on Purifying Wastewater Sources

  • By Nathan Nguyen,
    Cavendish Road State High School

  • Mentor – James Kweon, Yale University


Explorer Program

An introduction to academic research by analyzing existing scholarship. 


Researcher Program

A more intensive research experience, creating an original hypothesis.

Digital Devices

Innovator Program

The most advanced research experience, featuring original data collection.

How To Apply

Chat with us

If you would like to learn more about CRI and talk to one of our most experienced mentors, then click here to schedule a call with CRI founder and Harvard grad Gabe Gladstein!

Complete the application form

The application takes about 30 minutes to complete. You will need to upload a CV and school transcript, if available

Interview with a CRI administrator

You will meet with one of our CRI advisors to discuss your application further, and decide which program is right for you

Program acceptance + mentor allocation

Once accepted to the program, we will look through our portfolio of mentors to decide who is right for you

Meet our Mentors

Our mentors have studied at the top US & UK universities


Brown University


Columbia University


Stanford University


Georgia Tech


Kings College London


University of Oxford


New York University


University of Cambridge


University of Chicago

Learn more about
Crimson Research Institute

Flick through our interactive ebook to understand more about CRI and how it works!

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